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Renaissance Capital

Este ruled Ferrara between 1100 and 1400. At that time Ferrara was one of the most important cities all over Europe.

How to reach

Located in between Venice and Florence. If you are planning a trip in that area don’t miss a stop in Ferrara’s magical atmosfere.


An amazing series of very interesting places is easily reachable from Ferrara in a few minutes. Please check it out !!


Although not very well known, the Ferrara food specialties are rare delicacies for lovers of fine italian food at his highest level.

Why ferrara?

If you are travelling in North East of Italy don't miss this City.
Whatever is the purpose of your trip you will enjoy the city

Ferrara is a splendid city of art, to be enjoyed by walking its streets, its character - this magnificent Renaissance capital - revealed on every corner. Through its glorious past you can understand the roots of its present. It's a peaceful city to wander on foot or by bike, every step re-living the magical atmospheres of the past. You shouldn't leave without having walked around the atmospheric mediaeval streets and taken a bike ride round its Renaissance city walls, which remain nearly complete. The city walls are the locals' preferred 'park' for jogging: you can run along an almost uninterrupted 9 km of earthwork between the green of the lime and plane trees and the red brick of the wall. For those who prefer cycling, the best is the circuit around the bottom of the walls, and this can be extended onto the “Destra Po” cycle track by crossing the Urban Park to the north of the city.

  • #1History

    One of the most important centers of Middle Ages.

  • #2 Eating experiences

    One of the less known Emilia Romagna cuisine. Discover it!

  • #3 Delta of Po River

    National park and birdwatcher paradise.

  • #4 The Sea

    At 30 minutes from the city the Adriatic sea and the the seven shores


Ferrara and surroundings offer extrardinary events at anytime. Hereinafter a short list of the most popular. The complete list in dedicated Events Page.

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